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At the Affinity ENT & Audiology Services Clinic, we offer services to treat any condition affecting the area of the head and neck: including but not limited to seasonal allergies, hearing concerns, and sinus issues. From persistent sniffles to tinnitus, Affinity ENT has a solution!

Our Audiologists and ENTs are experienced and available to treat you for any issue of the head and neck, large or small! Call Affinity ENT & Audiology Services Clinic today to schedule an appointment, and breathe easy!

Please call the office today at (318) 812-1125 to schedule an appointment or visit us at 2516 Broadmoor Blvd., Monroe, LA 71201.


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Hearing Aids

Did you know…?

Hearing loss is a health issue! Hearing loss is closely associated with heart problems, diabetes, depression, and even dementia. Taking preventive steps as early as you can will help prevent your hearing loss from creating more serious health problems for you.

You must see a licensed Audiologist. There are many options for hearing aids in the market right now, and it’s easy to just pick one up at a discount hearing aid store or even the grocery store. However, these hearing aids are more likely to break or damage your hearing even more! A trip to the audiologist will save you money and potential health complications.

Do I really need a hearing aid?

If you’re asking this question, the answer is "Yes!" If you are suffering the effects of hearing loss, even minor complications, you should visit an audiologist immediately.

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You’re coughing, you’re sneezing, you can’t breathe out of your nose. You’re miserable every time you step out your door.

If you’re struggling with these symptoms, you probably have allergies, which usually occur in the spring and in the fall, when pollen and dust are stirred into the air by the changing seasons. However, allergies are not just seasonal, and they can make you feel miserable.

If you’re suffering from allergies, whatever the season, call Affinity ENT. After an appointment with one of our experienced ENT doctors, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Call us today to schedule your consultation, and start living life on your terms!

Balloon Sinuplasty

Do you suffer from chronic sinusitis? Feel symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, and dull tastes? You may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a breakthrough surgical procedure slowly replacing the previous standard of care, a Function Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). Previously to the development of Balloon Dilation, FESS was the only known method of treating medically refractory CRS, or chronic rhinosinusitis.

Compared to FESS, Balloon Sinuplasty results in less bleeding, reduced use of postoperative pain medication, faster patient recovery, and fewer debridements (removals of dead skin via simple surgery), and works equally well as far as long-term symptom improvement, reduction in acute sinus exacerbations, ostial patency, and surgical revision rates (very low). It has been proved that standalone balloon dilation performed in a physician’s office is safe, effective, and beneficial as an alternative to FESS in patients with uncomplicated CRS.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a simple, noninvasive operation. A small inflatable tube, or balloon catheter, is inserted into the inflamed sinus. The tube inflates, which expands the sinus opening. Saline is sprayed into the sinus to flush out any mucus or pus that has built up, and the entire tube is removed, leaving the sinus open and clean. The balloon effectively trains the walls of the sinus passageway to remain open, while not damaging the sinus lining or structure.

The greatest benefit of Balloon Sinuplasty is that it doesn’t require any cutting or removal of bone and tissue like the current endoscopic standard. Affinity Health Group offers this option in-office, performed by the area’s most trusted otolaryngologists.

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